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The Boomerang Effect:

The socialpreneurship movement and how it enhances your bottom line

Christie Johnson

Christie Johnson

September 8, 2015

We are looking at companies, like yours, who are making a difference with their profit and using it for good to help improve lives, communities, and the world. How does this work with your company and how are you making a difference?

The discussion will focus on:

  • The Socialpreneur Movement: What does it mean, who, what and how?
  • Effect on Company Culture: How do you benefit from the impact of a socialpreneur culture    in the work place?
  • The Impact on Communities: What does it mean to Kitsap and local businesses?

Join us for an in depth conversation facilitated by Kevin Wiley and Shannon Bruce

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Kitsap’s Global Impact – Meet the Big Dogs:

Kitsap companies that have taken on the world

October 13, 2015

We hear global economy and global society often – so how can your business have a global impact? Meet and learn from CEOs and entrepreneurs who have taken their products and services not just regionally and nationally, but internationally. What lessons did they learn? What is the one thing you need to know to make a global impact?  

Digital Economy:

How do we thrive in an increasingly connected world

November 10, 2015

*Note: To be held at Clearwater Resort and Casino in Poulsbo. Please watch your email for further details.

As technology continues to accelerate, we seem inundated with information, communication methods, and distractions. How can you stay focused on what’s most important while staying relevant in our increasingly digital world? 

Global Café 2015:

Your impact on what’s to come

December 8, 2015

Come join us to celebrate the “Golden Nuggets of Learning” you’ve taken away during the 2015 Kitsap Business Forum meetings. Engage with other participants in a World Café Event as we gain insight from you on the topics for 2016!