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When Generations Collide: How to Get 20-Somethings and 50-Somethings to Play Nice

February 10, 2015

Jan Harrison

Jan Harrison

In today’s workplace, colleagues from different generations often struggle with working together efficiently and effectively. Okay, let’s just say it—sometimes, they just don’t ‘get’ the other—and it can really wreak havoc on a team.

In February’s Kitsap Business Forum, you’ll hear from business consultant Jan Harrison, who has worked with multi-aged teams around the country, helping them better understand what makes one another tick. She has great information to share about generational differences— work habits, motivations, and communication styles.

Join us for this lively 90-minute program. Jan will share some of her knowledge, and there will be a panel of representatives from each generation, ready to answer the questions you’ve been dying to ask: Why do they act the way they do?