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Planes, Trains, Automobiles, & Boats:
We Are All In the Transportation Business

March 10, 2015West Sound Alliance on Transportation

Every day, you move your product, service, and workforce throughout Kitsap and into the world. Continued efficient and cost-effective transportation is critical to your continued success.

The West Sound Alliance, a three-county, community-based initiative to enhance our connectivity to the larger central Puget Sound Region, is making sure that our local communities meaningfully participate in any state wide transportation funding packages. Their aim is to help us maintain and improve a reliable transportation infrastructure/system that is critical to supporting and expanding our West Sound economy for generations to come.

John Powers will lead a panel of elected officials and community leaders from the West Sound Alliance to discuss the plan and prioritization now on the table in Olympia.

They will be discussing:

  • The growth that is spurring our increasing need for improvement.
  • Key roadway and bridge improvements—including tolls
  • Ferry and other public transportation improvements
  • $470M in proposed improvements and their prioritization.