Managing a Remote Workforce


Reserve your spot today! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to remote work not only kept the economy moving but helped ensure the availability of public services. During this Uplift […]

Engage and Retain Your Employees


RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! The process of building a productive workforce doesn’t end after a hiring decision is made. Without a comprehensive plan in place, you run the risk of […]

Conquer Hills and Move Forward in 2021


Reserve Your Spot Today! It’s time to move forward in 2021. In this Uplift Kitsap, consultant and creator Dan Weedin will lead the conversation about conquering the hills of business […]

How to Embrace the Future Workplace


Reserve Your Spot Today As pandemic restrictions lift, many companies are left grappling with how to re-think their workplace, especially against the backdrop of whether to transition into a hybrid […]

Boundaries: Success Is What You Say No To


Do you have a hard time saying no to an opportunity? How do you know when to say no? Creating a boundary around where you invest your time and energy is critical in business and life.

Leadership Is an Inside Job

New Life Training and Events Center 9923 Poplars Ave NW, Silverdale, WA

Join in the return of Kitsap Business Forum LIVE and IN-PERSON REGISTER NOW   Organizational performance doesn't start with your teammates; it begins with you! Leadership is personal. It’s an […]

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