Homelessness Task Force

Our WHY:

What if you could change the story for one person at risk of becoming homeless?


This Task Force will work to eliminate homelessness by establishing a pathway to stability for workers, with living wages, upward mobility, and ongoing training and development. 

  • We catalyze collaboration among organizations working to find solutions for homelessness.
  • As Business leaders, we lead by example.
  • We intentionally engage younger generations, the next wave of business leaders, in the process. 

Our WHO: Current Target Demographic

    • Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care; Twenty-five percent of these young adults will experience homelessness within the first year of leaving foster care, and 50 percent will be homeless within the first four years. 
    • The Working Poor & Opportunity Seekers; The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports 5% of working individuals are earning wages below the poverty line. That means for every 20 people you know with a job, at least 1 is considered working poor. 
    • 8 Candidates Placed in 2022

Our HOW: 

  • Task Force of Co-Leaders and Champions
    • Business Champion works to identify and organize Businesses aligned with Success Pathway opportunities.
    • Business Training Champions works to train and equip businesses to move candidates through the Success Pathway.
    • Social Services Champion works to unite the efforts of participating organizations. 
  • Monthly Task Force Meeting and Progress Reporting

Monthly Challenge

    • Challenge #1: Listen to the Homelessness Panel Podcast and share what you learned with the people in your life.
    • Challenge #2: Can your business be a part of the change? Host an intern at different levels of professional development. Fill out our form to get involved.
    • Challenge #3: Task Force has created our Vision and Why so that we are able to communicate our goals.
    • Challenge #4: Do you know someone that might be interested in participating? Send them the link to fill out our form to get involved.

Come back here for the ongoing monthly challenge announced at each Kitsap Business Forum on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Compiled Resource Lists

Social Service Partners

    • Kitsap Community Resources – Committed to creating hope and opportunity for low-income Kitsap County residents by providing resources that promote self-sufficiency and stability. They envision a community in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
    • Olive Crest – Transforms the lives of children in crisis through the healing power of God, family and community. Dedicated to preventing child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis, “One Life At A Time.”
    • Coffee Oasis – Restoring communities through compassionate youth programs and coffee businesses. Coffee Oasis exists to create pathways of opportunity for youth to be restored in heart, soul, mind and body. They believe that youth are the future of our community, but many are hurting, homeless, and hindered from living their full potential.
    • NW Hospitality – The main goal is to alleviate suffering and show compassion to all our homeless neighbors through simple, effective programs. They aim to encourage participation in other local services that can help bring people out of poverty.
    • Worksource Washington – A statewide partnership of state, local and nonprofit agencies that provides an array of employment and training services to job seekers and employers in Washington.
    • Pathways to Success Youth and Young Adult Program – Providing young adults in our community with individualized opportunities to acquire the necessary skills to build their futures through education, job training, and career development and to provide employers with committed, responsible and productive workers. The program is contracted through the Olympic Educational Service District #114 and housed within Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallum WorkSource offices.

Business Partners

    • Express Employment Professionals – Open to interns with no skills or experience or looking to up their skills in: Reception, Customer Service, Administrative Assistant, Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Coaching.

Task Force Team

Business Champions

  • Stacy Dore,  Team Lead Kitsap Community Resources
  • Bryan Woods – Cornerstone
  • Leigh Seligmann – RPM Home Mortgage
  • Kenda Moreno – RPM Home Mortgage

Social Services Champions

  • Patti McNally & Emily Manson Team Co-Lead – Pathways to Success
  • Sarah Knox – Kitsap Community Resources
  • Bethany Wecks – Olive Crest
  • Cody Clark – Coffee Oasis

Training Champions

Last update: April 8, 2022

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