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Certain conversations bring dread to leaders—delivering bad news, discussing a sensitive topic, or talking about situations that have gone wrong. These difficult conversations often miss the mark. Instead of driving results and generating solutions, they create confusion, conflict, and stress. Moreover, our fear of conflict or potentially upsetting someone may steer us toward avoiding the conversation altogether.

The success or failure of businesses, relationships, and partnerships are the consequence of the things said and unsaid. Effectively conducting difficult conversations allows you to take charge of the situation without being perceived as “the bad guy” and minimizes the chances of situations spiraling out of control. Diving Into Difficult Conversations will help you build stronger relationships while molding needed results. Learn new skills to make a difference in your relationships—one conversation at a time.


  • Organizing your thoughts around an issue
  • Keeping emotion from escalating
  • Using tools to keep the conversation productive


Kristal Baker

Kristal Baker is owner and CEO of Express Employment Professionals, Bremerton where she connects job seekers and businesses. Since 2009, Kristal has taught and facilitated communications and personal effectiveness through her company Intoxicating Intellect. With a background in sales and leadership, Kristal has trained with Context Associated to become the leader and CEO that she is today. Her training with Mike Dooley on Infinite Possibilities helped to shape the style needed to teach others these valuable skills.


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