How resilient is your organization? The very nature of rapid, unpredictable change can drain the life out of those called upon to deal with it. Organizations that perform best under pressure are those that understand how to engage and mobilize their team to see and serve beyond themselves. If you or your organization is struggling to keep your passion and get work done, this forum is for you. Explore new perspectives and bring back trench-tested tools to prevent burnout, improve resilience, and restore engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize four types of mindset that people use when they are under pressure
  • Understand three barriers to thriving under pressure
  • Strengthen this one thing to break through barriers

Your Presenter

Dan Diamond MD is passionate about equipping teams and challenging them to make a difference… especially when resources are scarce or times are tough. He is an electrifying speaker on a mission to activate people with his rock-solid experience and insight from the front lines of disasters around the globe—Hurricane Katrina, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Philippines. His stories are unforgettable and his insights will inspire you to live a life of significance.


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Trust is a powerful accelerant and makes a significant difference in team relationships and your business bottom line. Most of us acknowledge that building trust is a key part of our lives and a necessity in business. But, if everyone thinks along similar lines, why does it always seem like no one trusts each other? And how do we build trust when we are unknowingly eroding it?

In this interactive session, you will learn and take away:

  • The distinctions between trust and distrust and whether you are perceived as a friend or foe
  • The brain science of trust and the chemical reactions your conversations are having on both relationships and results
  • How to build a foundation for trust—the one skill you can’t live without!

Meet your Presenter

Shannon Bruce

Shannon Bruce is a passionate Professional Certified Coach whose work inspires transformational change in her clients and their companies. With more than two decades of experience in management and executive leadership, Shannon is a powerful listener, able to challenge the status quo. She uses neuroscience and coaching to empower leaders to raise their Conversational Intelligence®. The result? A renewed team synergy and a greater “we” focus in the company’s culture.


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