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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to remote work not only kept the economy moving but helped ensure the availability of public services. During this Uplift Kitsap, we’ll hear how our local WorkSource office successfully managed its teams from traditional in-person services to a 100-percent remote workforce. Mike Robinson will share the journey of his team in this transition, their challenges, and solutions. Learn more about best practices and the future of remote work.

Mike Robinson


Mike Robinson has dedicated his life to public service. Upon retiring from the US Navy, he joined the State of Washington Employment Security Department’s local team at WorkSource Kitsap. His journey into workforce development began during the Great Recession. Mike is responsible for the growth and development of relationships within the WorkSource partnership including government agencies, local business, economic development organizations, labor, and community-based organizations to enhance the area’s economy and community support. While leading teams at WorkSource Kitsap, Clallam, and Jefferson Counties, Mike has been a Silverdale Chamber member for the last 6 years.

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Created by the Kitsap Business Forum, Uplift Kitsap is a free interactive online series fostering strong and resilient business leaders.

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A resume can be a powerful tool, but there is often a disconnect between what a job candidate thinks is being communicated on their resume and how hiring managers interpret the information being presented. This results in companies missing out on hiring some great talent, and job seekers missing out on excellent opportunities. In this Uplift Kitsap, professional resume writer Tina Callison helps bridge that gap by identifying places on a resume where disconnect happens and exploring how both job candidates and hiring managers can improve their use of resumes.


Tina Callison

Tina Callison is a professional resume writer and owner of Loud Resumes LLC. She has been writing resumes professionally for the past eight years and has written thousands of resumes for clients across all industries and job levels, with the most of her clients being professional or executive-level candidates.

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Created by the Kitsap Business Forum, Uplift Kitsap is a free interactive online series fostering strong and resilient business leaders.

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Roughly 80 percent of employees are partially or fully disengaged in their jobs.  Disengagement costs U.S. businesses big bucks—$960 million to $1.3 billion per year. Improving engagement goes beyond adding foosball and free lunch. This interactive Kitsap Business Forum will share the four sources of employee disengagement and provide useful, relevant tools and strategies to help move your workforce from disengaged to fully invested.


  1. The power of leveraging unique needs and drives
  2. The single most important thing managers can do to increase employee engagement
  3. Essential team characteristics necessary for your organization’s success
  4. Strategic shifts to make your organization and its people thrive


Roslyn WebberRoslyn Webber, MBA, is a Workplace Behavior Consultant specializing in using workforce analytics to drive organizational success.  She helps employers identify individuals who have the right combination of behavioral and cognitive skills to become top talent and teaches managers how to leverage those skills. Roslyn is the founder of Seabold Consulting, an Associate of the Predictive Group and a Certified Partner of Predictive Index Worldwide.  She has 17 years of management consulting experience with large clients such as Transamerica Financial, Safeway, Macy’s and Airborne Express, as well as small businesses and nonprofits. She has an MBA in Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University.

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow is a certified counselor, business consultant, author and speaker. Lesli facilitates life, health, and business growth and transformation for her clients through a unique approach of melding coaching, consulting and counseling. She is owner of Optimal Wellness, Inc. dba The Wellspring Company, and she is the founder of Live Well Kitsap! Lesli enjoys a private practice in counseling in Silverdale and works with business owners, companies and organizations both locally and nationally.

Doors open at 7 a.m. for morning networking. Enjoy coffee and bagels compliments of Panera Bread. The program starts promptly at 7:30 a.m. and finishes at 9 a.m. Teams are encouraged to attend together. Register today!

Eventbrite - WORKFORCE: From Disengaged to Fully Invested

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More and more it’s about gigs, not careers, and projects, not jobs. What does this mean for your business and our community? How will YOU take advantage of the new economy?

If you think this is about Millennials, think again. The recession spawned a new way of looking at individual resources: your skills and your “spare” time, allowing people greater control over their income. Talent previously available only to large corporations is now within reach of small businesses—making small businesses bigger influencers in our economy. Lots of fancy words…but KBF regulars know Jan Harrison informs with sharp, sassy commentary. This August, join Kitsap colleagues and learn how you fit in The Gig Economy.

Key Takeaways

  • How your business can take advantage of the gig economy
  • How the gig economy impacts your workforce availability
  • Are you a “gigger”? Ways you can personally take advantage of the gig economy

Jan Harrison, Presenter at Kitsap Business Forum

Jan Harrison is a trend watcher—generations, co-working/co-living, business trends of all kinds. She has to watch to stay effective in working with her varied clients. JHarrison Solutions helps organizations get out of their own way and chart a clear course to a different or better future, in Kitsap and across the country.


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